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Posted on February 10, 2011 by James

The Partridge 2

After when seems like the longest gestation period in living memory, we’ve finally agreed terms on another pub – The Partridge in Partridge Green, just a few minute’s walk from the brewery.

“It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve managed to get a ‘brewery tap’ for the new brewery. We’ve enjoyed an amazing amount of support, or you could say bullying, from locals, encouraging us to buy this pub and now we have it, it’ll be great to see them making use of their local.” Paul Reed, MD

Rob and Vicki will be running the pub for Dark Star and have great credentials having run the Ram at Firle near Lewes – a fantastic pub!

Commenting, Vicki said:

“We hope to quickly establish ourselves at the heart of the community and look forward to being part of life here. In terms of offering, we’ll clearly have a wide range of Dark Star beers, but we’ll also have a number of guest ales and ciders for people to enjoy. Food will be home cooked and have lots of pub favourites for people to enjoy.”

The Partridge will open at 5pm on 25th February 2011

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  1. Peter Gibson-Barnfather on said:

    Could you try and make it into an accommodation inn so that we can have ‘Beer’ holidays, if not get some land and I will design it for you, good Sussex food and the best beer in the the UK………….. NO! the World, now that is an ideal world a pub with a full row of Darkstar beers on tap start one end and finish at the other…….mmmmmmmmm!

  2. Good to see so much support. I have been a regular at The Partridge ever since I moved to PG – around 5 years ago – but sadly the place became less and less welcoming and I was often the only customer there at lunchtimes.

    It is now quite a different place and my only concern is that I might end up spending too much time and money there (should such a thing be possible) ;)

  3. At last! I moved to the village in November and have been hearing rumours of Dark Star taking it over since.

    I only went in once with the other half and it was very disappointing to say the least and not to be offensive.

    With the rep of the brewery behind it, I shall definitely become a regular visitor from now on. Unfortunately missed the opening but will be there tomorrow afternoon.

    Looking forward to it. Just hope its still dog friendly!

  4. Brookie on said:

    Well done Dark Star, and welcome to PG. I am looking forward to watching the pub grow into the much needed community drinking place in the village. Great beers, great company, cheers !!!!

  5. Nigel

    In this day and age Partridge Green is remarkably well served by buses with an hourly Stagecoach 17 service betwixt Horsham, Henfield and Brighton monday to saturday ( 2-hourly on sundays provided by Compass, with through buses at Horsham Bus Stn to / from Worthing)

    Last buses to :-

    Brighton 18.09 (Sat 18.04; Suns 17.35)

    Horsham 18.46 (Suns 19.14 thru to Worthing)

    NB The timing point is at Littleworth Lane and as buses run a clockwise loop from the High Street round Littleworth then back to the B2116 so it is advisable to be at the stop close to the Partridge a good 5 mins early or be prepared to leg it eastwards along the High Street and catch the bus as it emerges from Littleworth Lane

    In addition there is also limited mon-fri Metrobus service 86 betwixt Horsham – Cowfold and Haywards Heath



  6. At last. Our local pub can be put back on the map. I speak for myself but I know others would agree, The pub used to be the social network to the village. many a friday afternoon/evening was spent catching up with friends. Dinner clubs were organised, until sadly the quality of certain parts of the pub were changed, and all but a few stopped going to the partridge. Driving back from Birmingham friday morning, as not to miss the opening night, and will definatly be raising a glass to many more evenings shared with friends back in our local. Thank you dark star!

  7. Simon Hills on said:

    I am so jealous. I would love to have this as my local.

    But its on the Downs Link so I’ll be popping in for a pint or 3 every so often.

    • Nigel Bullen on said:

      Fantastic news!

      just a shame that the public transport to Partridge Green is so very limited… I will try to get there this weekend.

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