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  • mini-keg

    5 Litre Kegs

    5L Kegs (8.8 pints) filled with either Hophead, Partridge Best or American Pale Ale. The beer can be kept in these for up to 2 weeks, once opened use within 4-5 days.

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  • 4bottle

    4 Bottle Presentation Box

    (1 x Revelation 5.7%, 1 x Six Hop 6.5%, 1 x Belgian IPA 7.2%, 1 x Imperial Stout 10.5%)

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  • bottles

    Beer Tasters Collection – Case of 24

    24 x 330ml Bottles

    6 x Revelation 5.7% / 6 x Six Hop 6.5% / 6 x Belgian IPA 7.2% / 6 x Imperial Stout 10.5%

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  • Revelation

    Revelation 5.7% – Case of 24

    24 x 330ml Bottles of Revelation

    A blend of Centennial, Liberty, Cascade and Citra aroma hops by the sackful – then dry hopped during conditioning using our “Hoptimizer” (Industrial sized hookah).

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  • imperial

    Imperial Stout 10.5% – Case of 24

    24 x 330ml Bottles of Imperial Stout

    A full-bodied and rich Imperial Stout brewed with roasted barley and target hops before being matured to create a complex black beer.

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  • belgian-ipa

    Belgian IPA 7.2% – Case of 24

    24 x 330ml Bottles of Belgian IPA

    The exotic partnership between Belgian Yeast and US Hops, this is our tribute to the great Chouffe Brewery.

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  • six-hop

    Six Hop 6.5% – Case of 24

    24 x 330ml Bottles of Six Hop

    Six different varieties of hops, used during six stages of the brewing process by six brewers… It’s a beast of a beer.

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  • sunburst

    Sunburst 4.8% – Case of 12

    12 x 500ml of Sunburst

    A hint of initial sweetness adds to the fruitiness and grapefruit tang of this summer ale without detracting from its clean flavour and rich hop aroma.

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  • espresso

    Espresso 4.2% – Case of 12

    12 x 500ml of Espresso

    A black beer brewed with roasted barley malt and challenger hops. Then freshly ground Arabica coffee beans, blended especially for Dark Star, are added to the copper for a few minutes after the boil to provide a rich and complementary coffee aroma. NOT EVERYONE’S CUP OF TEA

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